Let me tell you about this soup I scored with last night.

I didn’t use a recipe. I completely winged it. I’ve made Thai coconut soup a few times before, so I knew to look for things like fish sauce (which, in my opinion, smells really gross but somehow works when you add it to other things), lime juice, and coconut milk. The latter is kind of obvious, since it’s called Thai coconut soup.

thai coconut soup | @takeonelizabeth

This is exactly how I’m approaching my blog rebranding. I spent over five years within the comfortable walls of The Bare Midriff, but recently I’ve become more aware of the walls and less aware of the comfort.

The “fat girl gone fit” brand has served me well, but it’s too constrained to keep me satisfied. That would be like only eating salads for lunch every day and salmon for dinner. Delicious, yes. Interesting (to me, at least)? No.

So I struck out and created this new site, with the hopes that my content won’t be limited to a narrow niche or pre-determined topics. Take on E is a lot like me – a dedicated multipotentialist who hates being boxed into one thing for too long. My interests are varied, so my content will be, too.

There will certainly be strong themes that will pop up more often. I will always love food, and cats, and doing whatever it takes to live your best life – moving more, nourishing your spirit, pursuing your dreams (and hobbies and desires and goals).

Mr. E (Sous Chef on TBM) was in charge of grocery shopping this week. I put “shrimp” on the list. He experienced a Clash of Principals at the seafood section, where the only wild caught (we always try to buy wild caught seafood) shrimp were…frozen. And shelled. And un-deveined (would you just say “veined”?).

I spent a solid hour thawing, peeling, and deveining two pounds of blessedly wild caught shrimp while I streamed Frasier on Netflix on my phone.

Rebranding/switching to a new site has proven similarly frustrating. I downloaded a whole new theme and am having a hell of a time designing the page. I can’t figure out how to get that damn “Sample Page” thing off of the home page, for example. And this theme includes a slider, and featured content boxes, and…ugh this is quickly becoming the shelled and veined bane of my existence.

The bright side? I know for a fact that this too shall pass. Eventually, “Sample Page” won’t be at the top of my site. Eventually, the shrimp will be prepared.

The soup turned out well. I followed my instincts and threw a bunch of stuff into a pot and it turned into quite a tasty dish. I surprised myself when I tasted the broth. I don’t know if it technically qualifies as “Thai”, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to create it again (no recipe + bad memory = lots of improvisation).

I can only hope that this brand transition will turn out just as deliciously.

thai coconut soup | @takeonelizabeth