I woke up today wanting one thing, and one thing alone: to go back to bed. However, I forced myself to get up and get going, and before too long, that desire to be back under the covers subsided, which made room for the next one thing, and one thing alone, that I want:

Potatoes. Fried, in some form or another.

Now, visions of crispy, golden spuds are dancing through my brain. I’m at work and I’m salivating at the thought of getting a fix. Maybe hash browns from Chick-fil-a. Or a little later in the day, there’s a little deli down the street that makes good fries. I could stop by the store later and grab some tater tots from the frozen section. In short: I need oil meets starch and I need it NOW.

At first I was struck at the spontaneity and urgency of the craving; I was absolutely fine yesterday, uncharacteristically energetic for this time of year. I had a delicious dinner last night, nice and healthy and balanced. To be honest, a craving as sudden and strong as the one I have for the potatoes usually comes around…well, I’ll just come out and say it – that time of the month. Then, it hit me:

I’m on day 3 of the “Flush and Be Fit” cleanse, a.k.a. The Day You Want To Eat All The Bad Things Because Your Body Is Freaking Out Thinking That It Will Never, Ever, Ever Get Those Things Again Because It’s Far Too Clean In Here.

Flush and Be Fit CleanseI do cleanses periodically, usually after a particularly indulgent time (hellooooooo, holiday season). So far, I really like this one; I’ve had a tiny bit of abdominal cramping, but that’s only been right before things get moving, if you know what I mean. And I’m definitely moving more, if you know what else I mean.

The key to cleansing is hydration. My system is definitely getting cleaned out and de-gunked, and without enough water, that stuff’s not going to move around very easily or very far. Your diet’s got to be pretty clean, too, though the occasional treat won’t hurt. Reading reviews of Flush and Be Fit online, I couldn’t help but chuckle when one reviewer gave the product one star and complained that she “got really nauseous and had cramping after eating spaghetti and garlic bread“. I’d feel like that after eating something that heavy, even if I weren’t cleansing!

So now I have to make a choice: indulge the craving for fried potatoes with the rationalization that once I eat it I won’t crave it any more and can move on, or try to wait it out to see if it truly is just my body reacting to the cleanse and detoxing.

God, hash browns would taste so freakin’ good right now.