Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Squash and Pomegranate (Recipe)

I’ve been trolling my friends’ Pinterest boards. It’s like the Lazy Girl’s key to navigating millions of pins worth of content – they’ve already narrowed down the possibilities, and because you’re friends with them, the odds are higher that it’ll be something you’d also like to Pin. Great example: my friend Heather is like a shinier, more put together version of me, so I decided her Pinterest account was probably the same. I love when I’m right. She’s got boards for dayyyyyyyyys.

Another thing I love is when I take a risk by tweaking a recipe I’ve never even made, and it works out insanely in my favor. Not to say that the original recipe wouldn’t be as scrumptious, but sometimes there are things in a recipe that I don’t care for – olives, water chestnuts, cilantro…

In this case, the offending ingredient was dried cranberries. I’m not the biggest fan of dried fruits to begin with, with the exception of dried apricots. I thought fresh pomegranate seeds would be a good substitute – their tart pop counters the earthy sweetness of the squash and Brussels sprouts really well. Like the high and low notes of a song.

Do you sometimes think of food and flavors as having high and low notes, or is that just me?

roasted brussels sprouts with butternut squash and pomegranate | @takeonelizabeth

I considered posting the modified recipe here, but I don’t think it’s modified quite enough to warrant posting as my own – one thing that really irks me is when I see a blogger who posts an “inspired by…” recipe, and even links back to the original, but it’s the same. exact. recipe. Right down to the wording of the instructions. That’s just in poor taste.

I think if someone goes to the trouble of creating an original recipe, and all I did was tweak a couple things, the least I can do is send people over to the original post (and give that person a well-deserved pageview).

So head on over to Blogging Over Thyme – you can either make the recipe the way she did, or modify it the way I did here, by substituting the seeds of one pomegranate for the dried cranberries (go here for a tutorial on how to quickly remove the seeds) and white wine vinegar for the rice wine vinegar (it’s what we had on hand).

Either way, ENJOY!

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  1. Heather Deyrieux

    Your version looks delish! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

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