“It’s no better to be safe than sorry”
— A-Ha, take on me

Let’s get something straight right off the bat:FullSizeRender

I am not an innately fearless person. I am not a naturally easygoing person.

In fact, I’m quite the opposite. Various aspects of my upbringing and experience have conditioned me to be hesitant, distrusting, and fearful. Not to mention I’m a classic control freak, so the thought of throwing caution to the wind and taking risks nearly petrifies me.

I’m afraid of a lot of things. Here’s a short list:

  1. insects (especially winged beasts like wasps and bees)
  2. failure
  3. success (combined with #2, that’s a recipe for disaster – and lots of therapy)
  4. abandonment
  5. looking foolish
  6. being judged
  7. camping (see #1)

Part of the reason I’ve titled this blog “Take On E” is because it’s my attempt to “take on” my deepest fears; to put myself out there and get over the self-imposed hurdles and live my best life. It will mean venturing outside my comfort zone. It will mean falling. It will mean failing.

It will also mean embracing opportunity. It will mean discovery and joy. It will mean growth.

In taking on real things like cooking dishes I’ve never tried, or traveling places I’ve never been, or discussing topics I’ve never contemplated, or trying out trends I never thought I could, I’ll be taking on my fearful limitations as well.

Two birds with one stone. That’s the kind of economical behavior this girl lives for.