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Getting Stoned, Part Three: Make Surgery Great Again

I’m in yet another doctor’s office. This one is a double-wide office space β€” one long counter, with nurses popping in from either side to call patients back….

I learned to love my body and now I can’t talk to people at parties

When I rebranded as Take On E, I had a distinct goal in mind: In addition to blogging about food, travel, and other fun stuff, I’d write about…

The day I watched a 12-second video of Ashley Graham and bought three bikinis

The top three inches of my thighs haven’t seen the light of day for 15 years. In May of 2001, my BFF Heather got married to a beautiful Frenchman…

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston wore a wig and that’s why we all feel ugly

As I told you yesterday, I’m reading Shonda Rhimes’ memoir, “Year of Yes,” in which she chronicles her year of doing all the things that scare her; the…