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The 12 Months of Fitness

The 12 Months of Fitness


I signed up for BlogHer today and when I was entering my birthday into the system and clicked on the dropdown menu for the year, I was horrified at how much I had to scroll down. I used to be able to do it in one swipe of the scroller on my mouse - now it takes two. At least. Damn you, technology. I'm in this weird limbo stage in life; I don't feel 34. When people ask my age, I genuinely have to think about it. I don't think I act 34; I am obsessed with Taylor Swift and all things sparkly, I can't get enough Harry Potter, I wear cute dresses in bright colors, and I get my news from Buzzfeed. People in their {gulp} almost mid-thirties don't act like that, right?

On the other hand, I go to bed at nine thirty, do not engage in SnapChat or Tinder, prefer the company of my cats over most people, and have no idea who Tyler Oakley is. So I guess I'm old?

The only thing that has ever made me feel consistently youthful/vibrant/like a character in Twilight is: exercise. Reminding myself that I have muscles and use oxygen and have bones and blood and ligaments and neurons. It also helps if I move around outside. I don't know, maybe it's a connectivity thing - "Hey, guess what? My world isn't limited to a tiny condo in suburban Maryland! And I can go outside and do things!!" (<----- see that? A double exclamation point - old people don't do that, do they?)

The bottom line is, if my body is moving, I know I'm still alive. And I guess that's the whole point to being here.

So I'm kicking off 2016 with a year-long challenge broken into month-long challenges because the thought of doing anything for a whole year terrifies me to my ever-ageing core. The 12 Months of Fitness (get it? It's like the 12 Days of Christmas, only longer and sweatier) is going to be a daily reminder that I have a body and that body likes to move. All of the workouts are body weight exercises, meaning you can do them anytime, anywhere, no equipment necessary

Why do I have a feeling I'll be doing wall sits at work?

I hope you'll join me on this journey, because doing things together is pretty fun, and we can support each other and laugh together and cry together when the exercises are hard and share things together. That may be the girliest thing I have ever said. I seriously wanted to add "and braid each other's hair together" at the end. What is happening to me?!

Just hop on over to my Facebook page and join in on the funtivities. You can also find all of these workouts on my Pinterest Fitness board.

The 12 Months of Fitness

12 months of fitness | @takeonelizabeth

January: 30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge

30-Day Thigh Slimming Challenge from @blogilates

February: 10,000 Crunches

10,000 crunches from @darebee

March: 30-Day Sleek Arms Challenge

30 day sleek arms challenge from @blogilates

April: 30-Day Wall Sit Challenge

30 day wall sit challenge

May: 30-Day Beach Body Challenge

30 day beach body challenge

June: 30-Day Core Challenge

30 day core challenge from @darebee

July: 30-Day Butt Lift Challenge

30 day butt lift challenge from @blogilates

August: Squat Circuit Challenge

squat circuit challenge

September: 30 Days of Strength

30 days of strength from @darebee

October: 30 Days of Gravity

30 days of gravity from @darebee

November: 30-Day Plank Challenge

30 day plank challenge

December: Fitness advent calendar

fitness advent calendar


An entire year's worth of 30-day challenges, all in one place! A great way to motivate yourself to work out ALL YEAR LONG! | @TakeOnElizabeth
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I'm on my third day of a cleanse and I am so effing hungry

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